Does art excite you? Do you celebrate diversity, innovation, and self-expression?

If you answered yes, then we have so much in common! My goal is to design artistic jewelry for people like you.

My name is Galini and I’m a greek artist, graphic designer, and maker of alternative unique jewelry. Since being a small child I’ve been inventing ways to combine materials, shapes, and colors.

I used to rummage through broken pieces of jewelry, spare buttons, chains and screws my grandmother collected in a box. I remember imagining that when I grow up I’ll find a way to combine all these things together and make a robot!

Well, although I never got to create any kind of robot, technology did play an important role as a source of inspiration for my current creations.
Today, after taking a degree in Graphic Design and while continually educating myself in art and design, I started collecting unused and broken electronic devices and transform them into one of a kind futuristic jewelry.

My ambition for my jewelry is to awaken your inner child, make you stand out from the crowd and serve as a wearable manifest of your uniqueness and values.

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